I've had this account since last year, but have never been able to post anything----guess my life is pretty boring that I didnt have anything to write about, hahaha. BUT TODAY, after a long while, I got an inspiration to write.......cos a big event just happened yesterday, that I think it will be a good post as a starter.

I have to bear in mind that this is a JOURNAL.....NOT a
DIARY.......I will hold myself from being luvey dovey here......however, I'm sure there will be some explosions of emotion here and there as I am only a human.
I will also post about my opinions over certain issues as I've been in debating world for quite sometime, cant get myself out of it. However, I also realize that I'm not an expert in anything......my knowledge is average and I know things only in general, this kind of thinking held me back for quite long to actually say my opinion publicly outside debating................However, I realized that we cant get away from critics and in the end it's better to be criticized than to be ignored.
If u find my points of view somewhat disturbing, I'm willing to be corrected....with a good argument--------WOW, didnt realize what I've just written. Feel free to comment or post a reply over my opinion........................

I'm not locking this page cos I want everyone to be able to read it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Pearl Jam Concert.....................A night to Remember

Those who have known me since I was a kid know that I'm seriously into Grunge, and it's widely known that Pearl Jam is the biggest icon of it--------or maybe NIRVANA for most people, but it's Pearl Jam to me. Even in one of my links in Facebook, I mentioned that my life would never be complete if I hadnt attended any Pearl Jam concerts, and just like a heavenly cat laid squarely on my lap, suddenly the news about Pearl Jam concert in Rotterdam came in.

It was a bit surprising too for me learning that the ticket was pretty expensive............60, 75, and 90 Euro by online booking cos the physical tickets had been sold out that time (FYI 1Euro = Rp 14.150,-). From what I know, Pearl Jam never wants the concert tickets to be expensive and once they even
sued their own promotor because of the overpricing of their concert tickets. Anyway, in short I was lucky to still get the VIP ticket (my justification upon this pricy indulgence is that I never buy anything----not clothes, not shoes, or any girly accesories------, except for books, of course. That's why I gave myself a treat this time. Besides, .....IT'S PEARL JAM!!!!!!!).

Then.......yesterday, I went to the concert ALONE. I came 6 hours earlier cos I thought that if I got lucky, I might be able to peep at their soundcheck, but the
Ahoy stadium was sealed like a FedEx package, no way to enter nor to peep. So then I was outside waiting for the gate to open with What The Bleep as a companion. Around two hours before the show, a woman with a girly look---despite the Pearl Jam T-shirt she wore----approached me saying that she would like to trade her tribune ticket with my VIP ticket. She was almost crying cos all of her friends within her group got VIP tickets, so if she didnt get the VIP one too, she'd have to separate from them. She was wiling to pay until 50Eur. well, I was sorry for her...but I really scrapped my ass off getting that ticket and IT"S PEARL JAM we are talking about, so I refused politely------well, at least I tried to. Then for some unfathomable reason, that woman sudenly said "Pearl Jam is not for you, you're not from our generation. I deserve that ticket more than you, I'm their long time fans!!!!!" -----WHAT?????? I didnt reply immidiately cos I really didnt believe what I heard and tried to make sure of it......(you know cos sometimes I dont really listen to people, so I sometimes mishear what people say). A few seconds later, I was sure what I heard and I deliberately replied "Too bad cos I listened to Pearl Jam since a was a fetus. So when it comes to Grunge, I'm a veteran, You GIRLY GROUPIE!!!!!" Well, I exaggerated the fetus part and I didnt say the Girly Goupie part........only on my mind. NOT that I was afraid of their group and NOT that I was afraid that anything would happen to me!! I dont mind getting hurt. I just didnt want to risk anything happen to me that might hinder me from attending the concert.......cos I know I would regret it.

When I got inside the stadium, I realized that the concert-goers (10.000 of them) are a mass of 30-sumthings or 40-sumthings people. There are some teenagers and people my age I spotted, but only a few. The clothes were also noticably different. I only wore my 5-year-old jeans, Mickey Mouse Vans slip-on, and
Eric Crtaman's I'm so Pissed-Off T-shirt. Jeeeeeez, I didnt look Grunge at all. Well, couldnt help it. Those are all the clothes that I have to go there. However, I admire those people still look cool in their grunge outfits despite their age. I want to be able to do that in 10 or even 20 years from now-----like them.

U know that in every concert, there must be roadies who help the band preparing things................NOW there's something different in what I saw from Pearl Jam's roadies.....that is NONE of THEM wore T-shirts that read PEARL JAM tour, instead.....they wore T-shirts of many other bands such as
Soundgarden tour, Neil Young tour, Chris Cornell tour, and even Nine Inch Nails tour, wtf??? Was it intentional?? I dunno. Btw, speaking about Nine Inch Nails, I have just learned that their vox (Trenz Reznor)'s ex-girlfriend is an Indonesian Girl!!!! It proves that u dont have to be Ayu (Azhari---who married with White Lion's vox) to be able to date rock star hahahaha

When Pearl Jam started the set, I didnt realize that I was really there with Eddie Vedder 3-4 meters in front of me. I started to realize slowly that it was real after the fourth song----
GIVEN TO FLY. I'm so grateful with this experience.......and thousands of time blinking my eyes. I sang along to most of the songs.....except those from the upcoming album...
BACKSPACER that will be released next month. It was one of those RARE moments that I feel COOL. I was able to say that I was COOL that I like them and I am so PROUD of it. The crowd sang along too like we were one big consciousness experienced individually kinda like all combined into one molecule except without electrones that move around us. if there were...that would be scary, though. Hahahaha

However---just how many times I have to say however, not everything ran smoothly. First there was this lady standing in front of me who was mistaken this concert with Christian Dior show that she wore high heels almost like stilletos and landed comfortably on my toes!!! Now my toes nails turn blue and beaten. Thanks a lot!!!!!! AND the most frutrating one....MY camera's batteries chose to be broken AT THE WRONG TIME!!!!! Suddenly in the middle of the show my camera couldnt be turned on, I had to make sort of 20 minutes gap to turn it on and off again and on again, JEEEEZZ!!!!!!! But when I got home, it was ALL FINE!!!!!! The camera is just healthy and fine. Luckily I was still able to take some pictures, though not as many as I would want to take on a normal condition. And among those lucky moments that I could take pictures, there's this guy with BIG HANDS kept on raising his hands that those hands DOMINATEd the camera shots. I really wish he lived in an Islamic country under syariah law and he got caught stealing!!!!! I think this incident wants to make me promise myself to attend Pearl Jam concert again next time in the future so I can take proper pictures, n_n....what a self-serving conclusion. But next time, I will have to go with someone cos I dont wanna take pictures. I'll ask that person to take pictures so I can enjoy the show with full concentration (hahahaha kinda like SAT test). And next time, the camera must be good, not like what I have now. I know it's impossible to capture Eddie Vedder's cool image with a camera, but mine now is close to being pathetic. Need to buy a better one soon.

But despite those people and incidents I hate that moment, other people around me were really nice, they offered me to stand in front of them cos I was the shortest around them.............it was nice cos as the concert went on, my position became closer and closer to the stage until the front row in the end. But I still wish I were taller, even only for 2 hours during moments like going to concert hehehehehe.

The concert was closed with Yellow Ledbetter which I like the most for the time being...............though it was the 1st version while I like the 2nd version better. Jeremy wasnt part of the set, to my surprise. But still, it's one hell of a show!!!!!!! See you around, Next time guys!!!!!!

I went home on a train from Rotterdam to Den Haag at 01.00 and cycled my way back from Den Haag Central station home. The public thermometer says it was 22 degree, but I'm sure it must be bullshit, it was gotta be at least 15 degrees.....bloodily cold and I couldnt feel my chubby cheeks against the wind. But my mind was/is at peace and spiritually I'm enlightened.

Thanks for the beautiful moment.........................

U can find the clips from the concert in Youtube, some people uploaded them already. But this is the best one. The closing with Yellow Ledbetter. Click
HERE At first, the cam was not clear, but wait until minutes 2.00 above, u can see Eddie Vedder sitting right in front of the cam.
To see the pictures I took from this concert, check my facebook profile